Case Study: How to improve SEO scores

SEO Content Template:recent recommendations
SEO recommendations for your content
United States (Desktop)  
Key recommendations (based on your Google top 10 rivals)
Semantically related words
Enrich your text with the following semantically related words:
blog post
target keyword
search engines
piece of content
keyword research
seo content
seo strategy
page seo
search engine optimization
creating content
content templates
content marketing
page ranks
social media
seo templates
Try to acquire backlinks from the following domains:
Average readability score of top 10 URLs:51
Text length
Recommended text length:529 words
See how your competitors use your target keywords
seo content template
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SEO Content Template: Generate SEO Content Briefs with Ease
Get vital SEOskills, learn how to use our toolkits and get official certificates of your proficiency in SEOand Semrush.


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Creating the Perfect SEO Content Template in Google Docs – Avalanche Creative
Learn how to create an SEOContentTemplatesin Google Docs to help drive new traffic to your website from the search engines. SEOContentTemplatesprovide specific recommendations and directives for creating new contenton your website with the purpose of improving your SEO.


How to Actually Use Keywords for SEO.Show more (68 occurrences)
SEO Content: 11+ Proven SEO Templates (For More Organic Traffic)
According to a study of over 1 billion web pages , 90.63% of SEOcontentgets zero traffic from Google.


In other words, 9 out of every 10 contentpieces written for search engine users are complete and utter failures.Show more (196 occurrences)
SEO Templates
Let’s face it. Running an SEOcampaign is HARD.


That’s why we put together these SEOtemplates.They’ll help you nail each step of the process, from finding high-value keywords to optimizing pages, measuring your results and more. Plus a proposal templatefor pitching new clients.Show more (33 occurrences)
SEO Content Template: How to Create an SEO-Optimized Article Every Time | The Marketing …
The SEMRush SEOContentTemplateis an AI-assisted contentmarketing tool that enables marketers to create SEO-optimizedarticles every single time. It is part of the SEMRush ContentMarketing Toolkit .


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HubSpot | Free SEO Templates
ContentCreation Conversion Rate Optimization Ecommerce Education Email Marketing Event Marketing Growth Marketing Inbound Marketing Strategy Inbound Sales Lead Generation Marketing Automation Mobile Marketing Nonprofit Other Personal Branding and Development Public Relations Sales and Marketing Alignment SEOSocial Media Startups Video Marketing Visual Design Website Design Customer Success Customer Satisfaction Customer Experience Customer Retention Customer Service Sales Prospecting Sales Communication Sales Coaching Sales Management Sales Performance Sales Process Sales Hiring Sales Reporting Customer Feedback.


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SEO Site Design and Template Creation Services and Solutions
DemandSolutionsManaged SEOand marketing services for brands and agencies.


DemandRankingsDaily rank tracking tool for the best of SEO.All the data, without the extras.Show more (29 occurrences)
SEMRush Content Template Alternative: NLP Keyword Research & Content Analysis | SEO Scout
SEOSplit Testing Keyword Explorer.


Topic Research Tool ContentOptimization Tool Question Keywords Keyword Groups Competitor Keyword Research Tools.Show more (21 occurrences)
Basic recommendations
Page title
Add at least one of your target keywords, don’t use each target keyword more than 1 time:
seo content template
Don’t use each target keyword more than 1 time.Optimal title length: 55 characters.
Meta description
Optimal meta description length: 160 characters.
Add at least one of your target keywords, don’t use each target keyword more than 1 time:
seo content template
Add all your target keywords at least one time:
seo content template

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